How to: Create the Ultimate Viral Post

By: James | Posted On: September 15, 2014

omg plz like and share

We have put together the world’s most perfect viral article. WARNING: it is impossible to read this post without getting the URL tattooed on your more »

Baby On Brand

By: James | Posted On: September 09, 2014

Baby Got Backchat

Most of the year, running a company’s Twitter account is a thankless task. Every day generally involves thinking up fifteen different ways of selling your product in the vain hope of getting at least one re-tweet. Of course, there’s also all the …read more »

The Power of SMS Marketing

By: Simon Muckle | Posted On: September 06, 2014

  Marketing experts have been very excited about the advancements in technology over the last two decades. Much attention has been given to the Internet as a means of communication between companies and customers – but there are other means of …read more »

This is why we can't have nice things

The Great Celebrity Leak of 2014 highlights the growing moral discrepancy between the way we behave online and the way we conduct ourselves offline, JAMES MITCHELL more »

Warning: contains sarcasm

New research published this morning has argued that people don’t like posting antagonising things on social media and that this is a bad thing. In retaliation, JAMES MITCHELL argues that this is a load of more »

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